lots of news – Lietaer visit, tour and rolling conference taking shape, home front news and more

Well! A lot is happening. I’ll try not to bore you with too much detail (plus not too much detail exists yet)…

We’ll go chronologically here

This Thursday Community Forge programmer Matthew Slater arrives and we’ll be able to work faster and more deeply on software infrastructure for mutual credit exchange itself but also for our support and communication infrastructures. Stay tuned for details as they emerge…

March 30 and 31 we welcome Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne to Madison in their tour with their new book Rethinking Money. Lietaer will do both a larger public talk and an in-depth workshop with local stakeholders. Again, stay tuned for details. Check in on http://danecountytimebank.org for more on everything as it comes

In May we’ll kick off the rolling timebanking conference with a statewide gathering right here in Wisconsin. Focused on Wellness, including food security.

June starts the roving part of the tour. I just confirmed a Regenerative Economy talk at the Sunrise Festival in UK, May 30 – June 2. So we’re sunriseon! Later in June look for a timebank gathering in South London. I’ll also be traveling around to document what’s happening in the area, especially Wales I hope. After that off to the Netherlands, hopefully for the Oerol Festival to play and do timebanking/sharing economy stuff, then to the Hague for the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems, where Marc and I will present the paper we’re working on, I’ll present on timebanking/mutual credit, and I’ll participate somehow in the Art Track.

Nice kickoff!

After a little rest at home I leave again in late July to head west, through Colorado to California, then up the west coast possibly to Vancouver and back across. Am just starting to fill in dates and locations and if you do sharing economy work and want to host a gathering or get together to do some work please get in touch.

September will be another break back at home, then late September leaving to go east across the northern US – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, wherever there’s stuff to do that fits with the travel schedule. Hopefully with a detour to Turkey for GIFTIVAL in mid-October, back to the southeastern US across to New Orleans for a Halloween timebank gathering and shows, then ending the rolling conference in St. Louis, where modern timebanking seems to have begun.

Some of the goals of this tour (besides playing music in support of my new CD Dreamworld): to spread the word on timebanking and other cooperative economic and community practices, build the Time For the World redesigning work project (more to come on that), increase participation in/build out build, build up the training and peer support corps of the timebanking/sharing economy/sustainability movement/s, give people more practice at hosting gatherings, including providing assistance from the Knit a Network participants, document more cool local initiatives, build training capacity, curricula and materials. This is a many-person job, all are welcome to apply, and it’s no borders, cross-affiliation, looking for maximum ways to plug in maximum number of people doing work they care about and enjoy.

so…. with all that… stay tuned for details! help make some details by hosting a gathering in your area, making suggestions, etc

As always, thanks for paying attention


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