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We here at Time For the World (that’s pretty much me and Marc Brakken at the moment) are entering the home stretch of a huge couple months. Looking forward to breathing again soon!

And here’s what’s going on:

EDC PosterToday begins the Economic Democracy Conference here in Madison Wisconsin.

From 12-1pm CDT today (October 11) I’ll be on WORT 89.9fm’s A Public Affair, along with the great Ellen Brown (focusing on public banking). You can listen live or check it out later.

I’ll speak on a panel Friday morning, following the fabulous Gar Alperovitz.

Marc Brakken will give a workshop Friday afternoon on “Considering Community Before Economy” – the central theme being “Economics reflects assumptions and norms we have about societies and communities. If we just try to tweak existing economic tools or insert new ones into existing social forms, are we simply reiterating in different terms social ideas that lie underneath our present circumstance? How can we start to think differently about community, society, and our presence within the world in order to question not economics social and community form itself?”

Saturday morning Marc and I give a workshop titled “Healthy Community Economy Here and Now” where we’ll discuss a few complementary economic models and the differing roles and functions of each. Then participants will envision together how they might combine, modify, expand on these to create greater community outcomes, using as a case study a community goal determined by the group.

Saturday night I’ll play a short set of music at the conference Evening of Songs and Stories event, 7-9pm at the MMOCA Auditorium (Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, State St.)

Sunday is the last day of the conference and will be an Action Summit. Here we will facilitate an open space session to help determine local action steps.

— but wait, that’s not all… —

Next week is just as full of exciting stuff!

Thursday October 18 we hold Builders Workshop #7: Healthy Community Economy Part II. We’ll build on the work begun at the September 20 workshop (shared here) and the work we do at the conference. We will delve more deeply into a few models that have most traction here – timebanking (of course), JAK-style community saving and lending, and price-based mutual credit – plus new possibilities arising from our partnership with Madison Hours local currency. Again, we’ll attempt to map out how the various tools could combine to create the greatest community outcome. We’ll be applying some of our thinking around ecosystem modeling to this discussion.

The morning of Friday October 19 I’ll be in the Wisconsin Dells presenting at the Wisconsin AIRS Conference.

And all this wraps up with cake! and rock and roll!
because Friday October 19 is the Dane County TimeBank’s 7th Birthday Party!!!!
We’re having a Birthday Bash and Benefit from 7-11pm at the Eastside Club (3735 Monona Dr. Madison). Featuring a swap meet, lots of different cakes, awards for some outstanding members and supporters, and music by Ladyscissors (feat. me and Asst. Director/Youth Court Coordinator Lorrie Hurckes) and A Torrid Affair (another great Madison band). DCTB Birthday Bash!

We’re aiming to raise $7000 for our 7th birthday and you’re welcome to help with that 🙂 – there’s a paypal link at the top of this page!

After this we’ll get a little breathing room. And will be working on raising our next wad of cash so we can continue our work (or more accurately, continue to pay for housing and warmth while we do our work) – we’re just about out of money so need to be cranking here.

And I’ll be planning a big tour for next summer, where I’ll help get more trainers trained, help build the build community more solidly, learn a lot more about what’s happening around the country, and form new partnerships.

Thanks for reading!


ps Don’t forget to check out the new and improved version of build! at http://buildftw.org. We’re about to start work on a very early very basic version of TeachFTW also. Once we have a little more time….

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