It’s MAN Day!

MANballoonToday marks the birth of Mutual Aid Networks!

We just sent our Articles of Incorporation and it’s official! Preston Austin and I are the signers and we incorporated at the address of my coffeehouse, Mother Fool’s, where Preston and I first met and had the conversations that eventually led us to this point. In fact, Preston recently said ‘the MAN is a democratization of a conversation that we had at Mother Fool’s.’ And yes, it appears to be so.MANarticles_photo

Another fortuitous aspect of incorporating at this address is that many great cooperative efforts have their roots there, including my fabulous neighborhood grocery coop Willy St. Coop, one of the most successful coops in the country (incorporated 1973), Nature’s Bakery Coop, still plugging away down the street after 44 years, Madison Hours Cooperative, which has now folded into the MAN efforts after its 17-year run – not to mention (not coops but awesome nonetheless:) our parent Dane County TimeBank, and of course Mother Fool’s itself, my home away from home for almost 19 years. I’m a bit superstitious and like to line things up in my favor any way possible, especially with something so enormously important to me. Oh, MAN_mailand our lawyer David Sparer was around for and active in a few of those coop initiatives from years past, and also helped us purchase the building (1997) from another lovely neighborly guy Joe Kirch (some other time I’ll write up the story about how we got and kept Mother Fool’s mainly through the kindness of neighbors).

Next steps in MAN development are to write bylaws, confirm other pilot sites, send letters of request for participation, and get our own local MAN, the Allied Coop, incorporated and ready for action. Although the action there is already well underway, with fantastic people jumping in to make their neighborhood what they dream it can be.

Which reminds me to repeat our mission statement here, because I love it so:

To create means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community.

You should be getting a request for participation soon and if you don’t, let me know how you’d like to participate. Literally everyone is invited. But I won’t be sending a letter to literally everyone, and I might miss you even if I really want and intend to send you a letter, simply because I’m buried in more work than I can handle. Speaking of which, your participation might help with that too! 😉

PowerTime_training2 PoweTime_training1And at least as exciting, we had our second PowerTime II peer energy consulting training and are really ready to rock with our own local incarnation of the MAN, the Allied Coop. And the PowerTime II trainees love our MAN mission statement! Next week we have our meeting to work out our own local incorporation. I’ll also be meeting with our mayor to get his support for the Allied Coop MAN. Yeehaw!

More later.

As always, thanks for reading. We’re ready to rock!


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