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Hello and Happy 2016!

This is a big period of transition for me, The MAN, Dane County TimeBank, and the world. Here’s a bit of what’s new in this world

I’ve left my 11-year position as Director (Co-Director with Lorrie Hurckes for the last few years) of the Dane County TimeBank (DCTB) in order to be free to focus more time on implementing Mutual Aid Networks. Both here and afar, so I’ll be building while in Madison and meeting, documenting, sharing, speaking, training, learning and performing while I’m on tour, which will be about 1/2 the year.

I’ll also be contracting for 10 hours a week with DCTB, building capacity, partnerships and opportunity in and around the TimeBank, especially in support of our restorative justice efforts and building Neighbor Care Teams. I’m excited to be able to focus in on the things I’m passionate about, and leave the organization building to Lorrie, who’s fantastic at it. She’s really going to take the TimeBank to new heights and I’m excited to do a bit to help. And I’m aiming to have the MAN structure create a new level of support and strength for the TimeBank.

Here’s the letter I shared with TimeBank members, in case you want to know more.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been offered a BALLE fellowship! I’m very excited about this. I’ll get intensive training in transformational leadership and an opportunity to work with a broad array of amazing people with similar goals. This feels like perfect timing in this stage of MAN development and implementation, when building our networks is paramount. The possibilities are astounding.

And we’ll be launching the rest of our MAN pilot site crowdfunding campaigns from now through February. We’re extending the HUMANs crowdfund to March 1, and will launch pages for Allentown PA, Providence RI, Hull UK, St. Louis MO, and Allied Coop in Madison WI before then. And Bergnek South Africa and Lansing MI are off and running!!!

Please give and share. If you’ve already given, THANK YOU! And please share the link and tell your friends why you chose to give.

Oh, one more bit of news. We are preparing to incorporate the non-profit arm of the MAN, the one that is responsible for helping birth, nurture, teach and support MANs. We’re calling it the Main MOM. MOM stands for Mother of MANs. Yes, we’re geeks but it’s fun.

And now that is all.

Onward and upward! It’s going to be a champagne year.

Enjoy it,





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