HUMANs Annual meeting 8/23, + Solidarity Sprint tour!

HUMANs Annual Meeting August 23 2-4CDT

We’ll host our next annual General Membership meeting here in Madison, available worldwide on Zoom, Friday August 23 from 2-4pm CDT. We’ll be kicking off our Solidarity Sprint (see column 3) and will be joined in the flesh by Anneleise Hall (NZ) and Kate Macdonald (UK)

Please consider running for the Board of the HUMANs! You’ll be in great company 🙂

Join or Renew your HUMANs membership

Are you a member of the HUMANs global cooperative? If not, join now!

If you joined before 2019 please take a moment to renew your membership. We’d love to have you participate in our upcoming General Membership meeting and we’d also love to have you use our Mutual Aid Platform, which helps us use the tools of mutual aid in our own lives and projects, and commission one another to build the world we wish to live in. Also, we need money and any dues you’re able to pay will be well-spent!!

Solidarity Sprint Tour!

We are super excited to announce our upcoming Solidarity Sprint Tour! Not yet set in stone so if you see your general vicinity en route and you’d like to join forces please be in touch! And suggest others to contact. Some stops are far along in planning and others are a twinkle in our eye.
  • 8/22-8/23 Madison WI – set local intentions for learning and operationalizing; HUMANs GMM, Sprint Kickoff Party
  • 8/24-25 St. Louis
  • 8/225-8/26 Carbondale IL Carbondale Spring
  • 8/27-9/1 Asheville NC – Mutual Aid Summit
  • 9/2-9/3 Greensboro?
  • 9/3-9/5 Washington DC?
  • 9/6-9/8 Bethlehem/Philadelphia PA
  • 9/8-9/11 NYC
  • 9/11-9/13 Greenfield MA – Common Good
  • 9/14-9/17 Cleveland/Akron/Kent OH
  • 9/17-9/22 Detroit MI
  • 9/22-23 Lansing MI
  • 9/23- 9/24 Valparaiso IN Evening coop idea sharing potluck -morning skillshare event at food forest site
  • 9/24-9/25 Chicago
  • 9/26 Madison – operationalize learning from the road.

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