How do you raise $5000 in one week?

You tell us!

Seriously, we have $5000 left on a challenge grant from a wonderfully generous donor. That challenge expires August 1.

We’re asking you to help us raise as much toward this goal as we can. Since you’re reading this we know you’ve found some value in what we’re doing. Some of you are breaking ground in your own communities and are eager to share and learn from others; some have your projects on; some have contributed time or money in the past; some are interested in learning about new models of sustainability. Please consider contributing and also forwarding the request to others who may be interested, including your various facebook, twitter, etc. accounts and especially through your friends, relatives, neighbors and folks who participate in your own community efforts.

Here’s some of what we’ve done to date, with one year’s worth of funding stretched over two years of work:

  • launched the Build For the World concept and website
  • recruited 30 community projects on Alpha version of BuildFTW
  • published “Trophic currencies: ecosystem modeling and resilient economies” in International Journal of Community Currency Research
  • launched Builders Workshops work-and-learn series, of which four have been conducted
  • developing and launching the Build a Better World project facilitation training game
  • attended 5-day currency design course in Findhorn Scotland
  • dozens of public speaking engagements on timebanking and cooperative economics, including presentation at TimeBanks USA Conference
  • assisted in development of open source timebanking exchange and support software
  • initiated conversations regarding development of international timebanking alliance
  • presented at Lyon ISH conference
  • initiated, as a BuildFTW project, a process to connect Dane County TimeBank with Madison Hours local currency, a business-oriented mutual credit system, and other cooperative funding tools
  • organizing local action initiative for Economic Democracy Conference in Madison October 2012

For more detail see our 2011 Activity Log.

Here’s what we need to do in the coming months:

  • complete first round of revisions to (ETA: July 30)
  • issue formal invitation to community project leaders to join BuildFTW
  • build project participant engagement with BuildFTW through individual and group contacts
  • continue development and sharing of Builders Workshops
  • assist in building broad participation in support and training activities among network of timebankers and others
  • develop stage I of ShareFTW
  • design and develop BankFTW
  • develop, test and share tools for evaluating project outcomes
  • build Dane County TimeBank’s own local projects – restorative juvenile justice, wellness, abundance, energy conservation, prisoner reentry, healthy community economy, mobility transit and healthcare transportation – and share all materials and updates on BuildFTW

Will you help us? Will you pass the request on to your friends?

Every contribution is hugely appreciated and any amount helps. And remember, every dollar we receive by NEXT WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, gets doubled.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for helping!



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