First Builders’ Workshop was great! Plus… time to start posting projects on BuildFTW!!!

We learn more if we share

We had about 45 people at yesterday’s Builders’ Workshop from around here, plus Alison Basile and Greg Bloom of the DC TimeBank who joined us via Webex (thanks to them for helping us work through trying that out our first time! We learned how to do it better next time).
We’re working on putting our notes into a good shareable format and Edge Brussel came from Michigan to film (thanks Edge!!!) so we’ll post the whole raw video and then work on distilling it into a few short useable snippets.
We had representatives from about 30 of our participating organizations (members of the Dane County TimeBank) and got a couple cool new ones. We expect to see many new matches and activities coming from this. A group who create mosaic art with women who are incarcerated linked up with Family Farm Defenders to get food for the group and they’ll be offering mosaic art pieces and opportunities to learn the craft. That’s just one of many of the great connections that were made. Look for more details shared on soon!
I also posted the slideshow presentation I did. It’s in the shared files section there. I have yet to make presentable instructions for the activities but when I do they’ll be here too. Use anything that’s helpful to you!

And we’re ready for you and your projects at now. Remember, there are still bugs and things yet to complete. But it functions and it’s getting really fun to see what’s there. Will Ruddick’s forest project in Eastern Africa is shared there, as is Paul Glover’s Philadelphia free health clinic initiative and Autumn Rooney’s Artist Bailout (acknowledging that these are the people who posted the projects and each involves many other participants and organizers). Plus the various projects of the Dane County TimeBank. In fact, we just shared a bunch of materials for our Youth Court. Including materials we use at hearings, like jury foreperson and advocate judge instructions, sentencing options, sentencing agreements, etc. Plus other stuff like how-tos and proposals. Use this stuff to make your own restorative justice programs. Improve on it and share it back with us!!

What we’re looking for on – mission-oriented projects that use timebanking or some other cooperative economic tool. We’re not picky about which tools you’re using, we’re interested in using the space to see what works well where and under what local conditions. But we are picky about focusing on the mission. For example, wanting to do timebanking or have a local exchange system doesn’t count as a mission. Wanting to conserve energy, provide restorative justice options, improve access to healthy food, alleviate stresses of poverty, promote wellness, and the like DO count as missions and we want to know how you’re working on them.

I’m going to work on getting a little video guide made but in the meantime you can poke around and figure out most of it easily yourself. If you have questions post them in the q&a section. Marc and I are on it a lot and will answer pretty quickly. If you run into little error messages you can usually plow through them and get your stuff posted anyway, so don’t worry about them too much.

Thanks for paying attention and we look forward to seeing you in BuildFTW,

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  1. Great write up Sephanie, love the clear language especially your separation of the service exchange transaction process from the mission goals. It’s something that continually needs emphasized. Thanks again!

    Time Bank Mahoning Watershed

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