Europe tour starts in a few hours!

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I’m about to hit the road. The tour kind of started with our state gathering in Stevens Point, picked up steam with my visit (with the great Kathy Perlow of Lehigh Valley Care Exchange) to Louisville KY, and now really gets rolling as I head to Europe for the month.

Then I’m back for 3 weeks building our efforts here and reporting from the road (Builders Workshop #12, July 11 4-7pm, location TBA). After which I head west across the US, up the west coast and back. Then 3 weeks of building here at home, then the final stretch heading out east across the US, making a detour to Turkey and Austria (if all goes well!), then back through the southeast, ending up in St. Louis to cap it all off. Which is fitting, since St. Louis was the birthplace of modern timebanking as far as I can discern.

We received funding for our essential work for the first half of this year plus a $20,000 challenge grant for the next half. Please help us raise the match!

One way to help is just by donating from the link you see on this page. Or you can donate specifically to my travel fund here and get a digital download of my new record Dreamworld.

And of course you can tell your friends and colleagues about the stops nearest them, and contact me to organize a stop of  your own if you like.

A lot of the dates are still in a little bit of flux, especially in the later parts of the tour. I can squeeze in other cities if they’re not too far off the path, and have room to add events of all kinds (music, training, public speaking – possibilities detailed here.) The schedule is here.

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