Dreamworld Tour update, Ohio to Massachusetts


As usual, there’s a lot to report from this part of the Sharing Economy Tour. There’s so much happening all the time that it’s hard to find time to write it up.

Picking up where we left off…
IMG_20130927_183956_624after having some nice time to visit with my parents and grandma, and playing a show at a classic 50’s bar in Canton, I went to the potluck of the Kent Community TimeBank with the great Abby Greer, the queen of fun potlucks in timebankingland. We were joined by some folks from far-flung places, including Beth from Louisville, Tony from Youngstown, and Anna from the UK, who’s visiting timebanks around the country in order to preIMG_20130927_184050_076pare to launch her own. She’s particularly interested in Kent’s lovely Time Exchange Store. They started off by reading the core values, then I spoke about my own experience – including, as usual, the way we use ‘applied timebanking’ to help shape our communities and economies to be more like what we want to see in the world, rather than just sticking it into how we already live. I gave the examples of all our projects who were started by members who had a dream and saw that they could use timebanking to realize it. Then we enjoyed some delicious food together!

IMG_20130928_135109_452The next day I worked with Tony Budak and Abby to facilitate a timebank organizers’ training. Tony started off with Leadership Development, we went into Member Engagement and Applied TimeBanking, then Abby took the lead on Group Projects and Efficient Orientations. Michael Greenman graciously took these notes.

Then we checked out the beautiful Time Exchange Store, with a trip by the mural the timebankers helped makeIMG_20130928_145230_173IMG_20130928_145731_649 for the local farmers’ market. The Time Exchange really kicked in my spirit of friendly competition. We need a nice pretty space for our own Maxine’s TimeBank Store at home, they’ve inspired me to get on it asap!IMG_20130928_150654_052

IMG_20130928_210923_978After the great day in Kent I played an awesome show in Akron, at a photographer’s studio. Super cool space! I loved the other bands who played and it was a really great night with great people. Abby, Anna and Beth came from Kent. I also saw a couple old friends, one I’ve known since 1st grade, the other since high school. A really nice way to end my visit to my hometown!

From there I drove to Ithaca NY to hang out with Scott Morris, who’s working with Ithaca Hours to help create a plan for IMG_20130930_094926_314their evolution, a great opportunity for us to learn from each other as we go down parallel paths. He’s also going to help us with some crowdfunding for TimeFTW, and is helping me think through aspects of the Mutual Aid Network. He’s come to some similar conclusions about how to piece things together for a more cooperative economy, so it’s exciting to work together more.

Next day I went to Amherst MA and met with Emily Kawano of the Solidarity Economy Network. We talked about how we might connect to work in cooperation with one another. I met Emily because I’d considered joining her at the Ripess Conference in the Philippines Oct. 16-18, but it turned out to be too difficult for me to go. I look forward to seeing if we can help each other’s efforts in the future.

Then I had the pleasure of spending the evening with an old friend from college who I hadn’t seen since 2006, and before that since we graduated. One of the great perks of touring! Another great perk: I timed it properly this time to catch the fall leaves in their full glory. It’s made for much lovelier drives.

The next couple days were so jam-packed with events that I’ll leave off here and start a new post for them.

Please stay tuned!

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