Builders Workshop #6: Healthy Community Economy Part I – Materials and Summary

Our September 20 Builders Workshop, Healthy Community Economy Part I, was a great introduction to some additional cooperative economic models we’re considering building with here at the Dane County TimeBank.

More than 30 people from 16 organizations attended.

We presented the slides, attached, and Leander Bindewald joined online from London to fill us in more on the Brixton Pound that was just launched in UK in partnership with New Economics Foundation, Sweden’s JAK bank model where neighbors save and loan their money in a system that strictly limits interest and promotes saving and cooperation, and the Talente system in Austria that connects timebanking with a euro-backed currency. We also learned about our own Dane County TimeBank and Madison Hours systems and our collective capacity to add and expand on business-to-business mutual credit and cooperative practices that will build a healthier community economy right here.

Next Workshop will be more interactive, with additional participants we’ll invite based on the interests identified by the group at the September workshop. We’ll hone in on the models that appear to have most traction here – JAK banking, timebanking and price-based mutual credit. We’ll learn a bit more in-depth about those options and break into work groups to proceed with organizing around them.

The slides:
Builders Workshop #6: Healthy Community Economy Part I slides

The audio/video recording of the workshop – narration of slides and subsequent discussion:

Builders Workshop 6: Healthy Community Economy Part I from Stephanie Rearick on Vimeo.

The worksheet participants were asked to complete:

Stay tuned for part II on October 18…

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