Builders’ Workshop #1 TOMORROW!


We’re excited for tomorrow’s Builders’ Workshop, the first in our new monthly series. We’ll focus on how timebanking can help you accomplish your mission, whether you’re with an organization or want to simply partner with others in your community to achieve a common goal. Then we’ll have a lovely meal prepared by our Wellness Project organizers.

See the full calendar here.

If you were hoping to join us from afar you need to let me know asap so I can be sure we have the proper tools. Email or call 608 443-8229.

And check out Build! Add your project/s if you’re ready. It’s under construction and your early feedback is really useful to us. We’ve spelled out some of the coming features too, on the landing page and in the Q&A and blogs.

We look forward to working with you on all of this!

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