Brief update – Build A Better World Game premiers today!

Hello all,

Today is Builders’ Workshop #3, the third installment of the Work-and-learn series created and hosted by Dane County TimeBank and Build For the World.

At today’s workshop we’ll play, for the first time ever, the Build A Better World Board Game.

The game board in its 6/21/12 incarnation

This will prepare us to go out into a couple neighborhoods and do a couple Build A Better World Real-Life Adventures.

I’ll attach our facilitation guide so you can see how this game is structured. It’s intended to be a learning tool for ourselves and others about how we can match people, needs and assets to meet our common goals. It’s also a way to make it fun and less intimidating to try new things!

Our hope is that people will play this all over the place. We intend to make it easy to adapt to your local conditions, language, culture, etc. And we really want everyone to share their experiences and adaptations!

More on that as we’re able to develop it. For now we’ve just been working hard to finish the first version of the game in time to play it today.

Check out the files here as they progress:
You’ll want to sort by ‘last modified’ and be sure you’re looking at the most current versions. We’ll clean this up as soon as we have time!

Oh, and speaking of that: we will be able to get a lot more done much faster as we get more funding. We’ve been operating on a shoestring but now need to pay some tech developers to get our tools in good enough shape to meet the interest people are showing. That’s a good thing!

You can help. We need to raise $5000 before August in order to get a challenge grant that expires then. Will you help? You can donate through the paypal link on this page. We’ll also be launching a Razoo fundraiser soon and would love to have your help in promoting it.

Let’s build together!

Thanks for caring,

The Build A Better World Game Facilitation Guide (work in progress)

One thought on “Brief update – Build A Better World Game premiers today!

  1. Looking good guys! I think the S/M/L/XL idea is cool. Great how the Game Idea is in the air for lots of us right now! I was at a gathering in Leipzig with Leander where several of us were facilitating games and we even did an Open Space group for Game Developers, so lots of possibilities for comparing notes!

    So sorry I can’t help with the fundraising, flat broke after six months of writing People Money!

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