ANTS! and more exciting stuff at the MAN mapping summit

Ants and complex systems Madison_MAN-map

today’s topic at the

Mutual Aid Network Mapping Summit


I’m particularly excited to see what today will bring at our MAN mapping summit. We’re really seeing some interesting things emerge and we expect something really cool to come of this. So there!

And today we’ll start at 10amCDT with an overview and progress so far. 10:30ish Paul Hartzog will talk about ants and what they tell us about complex systems, then we’ll see how that applies to our work. Including our ongoing value flow mapping, our work on finding a ‘formula’ for a basic human livelihood, and a bit on gamification. Available online 10-12 CDT

And the rest of our mapping summit events. A light dinner is served every day, you can eat for free, pay timebank hours, pay sliding scale. We’ll have child care available most evenings and especially invite community members to join us for dinner and an ‘enjoyable life design and posh-terity budget’ workshop Thur 5-7.  We want to make it really easy for busy people to drop in and check it out.

All at Art In, 1444 E. Washington. With food! I hope you can make it!

Here’s the schedule and a flyer about the entire week-long event. And the partner request letter. Please feel free to share widely

Kids or anyone who wants to learn any part of this are welcome at any of the events, especially the work sessions Mon – Fri 2-4. I have no idea how the work flow will go but that’s something to learn too, how people create their own work flow. This whole effort is about redesigning work so we’re doing a bit of that as we go.

thanks much!

ps  – oh yeah, we need to raise some more money. Another $1500 will cover it, how about throwing in $100? Here’s the paypal link. If it doesn’t work for some reason, click the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of Thanks!


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