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We had a couple great gatherings last week that I’ve finally found time to post on. Will do two separate posts for you.

On Wed. January 16 we held another meeting in the Allied Dr. neighborhood to further explore our possible energy project.

We were notified the previous week that we’ll be receiving a $10,000 Capital Region Sustainable Communities grant from the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission. Great news!

our goals
our goals

At our meeting we set goals and next steps for the project and decided how we should spend that grant money. You can read the detailed notes (and see other updates and supporting documents) at

In a nutshell, though, we decided to spend the money on capacity building within neighborhood and coop leadership by sending 5 coop representatives to a 3-day Art of Hosting training, to learn more about how to navigate a complicated cooperative process such as this one, plus supplies for outreach and for energy efficiency efforts once they begin, and possible space rental.

what we need
what we need

Our next steps will involve smaller group meetings with stakeholders, collection of information from landlords and renters in the neighborhood, outreach to more neighbors, and a meeting Feb. 13.

An overall goal was stated: to revive PowerTime energy consultation efforts and use those contacts with neighbors to do outreach for more intensive participation in the project, through obtaining or helping to provide more complex efficiency/renewable energy work.

We’ll keep providing updates as we go. Subscribe to this blog and/or follow the project at build to stay in touch.

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