2013 Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour has begun!


I have a bunch of posts coming up, to share from our WI Healthy Wisconsin gathering, our Deep Dive Discussion, and our DCTB Tech Collaborations meeting. Plus notes from the road in Louisville Kentucky where I had the pleasure of working with their year-and-a-half-old timebank (wonderful people doing wonderful things! And making lots of great food and other treats for me and Kathy Perlow, their other guest) and local health care professionals to identify how timebanking can help create compassionate health care and work toward implementing it.

But for now I’m sharing the first version of a flyer with all my tour stops. Many will get their details fleshed out over the next couple months. If you see a stop where you’d like to help organize something or make connections, let me know.

Exciting! I leave Wednesday evening and the adventure continues into early November.

And I almost forgot – I’ve set up a crowdfunding site to take donations toward travel expenses. I keep my costs pretty low but if I can recapture some by getting smaller donations from more sources, I can get more work done with the funding I’ve already secured.  And it also lets me be free to travel to the places where I can learn the most and connect with people doing interesting stuff, whether or not they can afford to pay my expenses. You’ll get a digital copy of my new record if you give! and I’ll be very grateful also.  http://www.razoo.com/story/Sharing-Economy-Tour

Hope to see you somewhere on the road

tour schedule
tour schedule

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